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BetterNetworker.com User Profiles - Brian Lewis
               Well I did and what I found was that it was me. Instead of investing in myself and becoming educated on the industry, I just did what the up line said and when that didn't produce the results fast enough I tried it "my way", which also didn't work.

Finally I had to accept the fact that I had to learn a lot about the business if I was going to succeed. So I started reading books, buying marketing courses and listening to successful people in marketing and self improvement niches.

This has made all the difference in not only my sales and sponsoring abilities but mainly in how I view myself and how I perceive others view me as well.

While I do not profess to know it all, and never will, I have acquired the skills necessary to not only get myself on the path to success I seek but also a sincere passion to help others realize their own success as well. That my friends is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle.

 Follow my blog , TheLeadsToSucceed.us, and I will share with you as much information as I can on the subject of this wonderful industry of Multi Level Marketing.Hopefully you will be able to glean a few nuggets here and there.

If you feel the information on this site would benefit anyone in your sphere of influence, please pass  it on they
just might thank you for it. 
The Leads To succeed was created out of the sincere desire to educate network marketers,business builders and others wanting to succeed in online marketing.

In the late eighties, I became involved in network marketing (on and off at first) and have had many success' and many failures.

I would go in and out of the business usually from frustration, inside politics, a non-supportive spouse or lack of funds to continue etc...

For one reason or another I couldn't seem to get it right.It seemed I was content with my twenty years in sales and marketing for the corporate world. I knew my job, made a good living and would become complacent.

The reason I would come back into it was simple.I believed in the business model and knew that it worked (for some) so I went on a mission to figure out the problem.

BetterNetworker.com User Profiles - Brian Lewis
May You Realize Your Full Potential.


Brian C Lewis

The Leads To Succeed